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I’m sure many of you dream of going to Venice for the lure of Italian food, riding the gondolas through the canals, the romance. Yeah, so did I, and even though Venezia was beautiful, it was probably my least favorite place during this trip. I was beyond ecstatic to arrive and take a water taxi through the islands of Italy – it was sunset and we had perfect California spring temperatures. We got lost so many times trying to navigate around the islands. The buildings were set up like a maze and there were full of dead ends, but it was also fun and interesting at the same time just to experience new architecture. It was really difficult to find the hotel but after getting settled we explored the city. It was the night before my birthday and we wanted to go out, but I guess the meaning of a “bar” is a little different – it usually meant a nice sit-down restaurant where you can buy hard alcohol. It was dead by 9 PM and nobody was out on the street. We came across other Americans who lived in Italy and they finally told us of one bar we could drink at. It wasn’t the most hopping bar, but at least we could get a few drinks, hang out, and celebrate the eve of my 22nd birthday.

Happy 22nd Birthday to me! There really wasn’t anything to see besides the basilica and the Grand Canal so it was nice to wake up and just relax. We grabbed coffee, gelato, and crepes and it was delicious. There were only a few decently priced restaurants so we had a trend of eating at the same places over and over – Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and a small seafood restaurant for dinner. And of course we went back to that same bar after dinner to get more drinks. I think what frustrated us the most, being backpackers on a budget, was that were was only 1 grocery store on the whole island (we didn’t even discover it until the last day), no liquor stores, no fast food, and not much to do. I digress, but I had a fun, relaxing birthday overall in a beautiful place!

On our last full day we saved a trip to Murano to see the famous glass factory. Shops on the island pretty much only sold glass goods or masquerade masks so I’m assuming it’s a thing here. We had a small glass blowing demonstration which was really cool to see how they make vases and animal statues. I even got to try glass blowing – I made a balloon of glass! My best friend, Jessica, said when she went to Venice she regretted not buying a glass tumbler so I thought that would be the perfect gift for her as a surprise. I looked all over but I either had to buy a big set that cost 200 Euros or get an ugly looking tumbler. I was really disappointed but I found something else (Jessica if you are reading this I keep forgetting to send your gift since I’ve been busy so I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me!).

We had to leave early the next morning to take a water taxi back to our next destination: Munich, Germany. If you ever visit Venice, my recommendation is to stay for a day and then head to Florence or somewhere else. Venice is definitely worth seeing at least once though because it is such a beautiful place!

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