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A Weekend in SEATTLE

A Weekend in SEATTLE

Since I’m only about a month away before departing for the Peace Corps, Caleb and I decided to fly up to Seattle to visit one of my best friends since childhood! A lot of the following will be great activities to fill your weekend trip but there are also personal touches here and there since we were visiting friends and catching up. 

First thing’s first: Din Tai Fung, the best place for dim sum and dumplings in Seattle! The location at Pacific Place Mall is brand new and we preferred going there over the original since we could leave our car in the parking structure and walk around afterwards. 

We headed to Pike Place, which is super touristy but I love going there every time I visit to see all the seafood, fresh vegetables and flowers, and all the crafts lined up in the shops. It’s a great place to get souvenirs as well! 

For a good view of the city, instead of going to the Space Needle, you should check out the Skyview Observatory – Columbia Center. Even though it’s not a 360 degree view, it’s the tallest viewing point west of the Mississippi and it doesn’t disappoint!

Gasworks Park is an old gasification plant that’s now a nice park to walk around and see the Seattle skyline from across the sound. You can also see lots of seaplanes taking off 🙂 Close by is the Fremont Troll, which is a short walk away! It’s a fun sculpture to take photos of, and then afterwards we headed down to some breweries! 


Fremont Brewing Company has a great selection of craft beer along with some tasty snacks to go with your drinks. My favorite was down the road at Schilling Cider House (because I love cider) and they have some interesting flavors including Habanero Raspberry, which was actually really good! It’s a fun spot to hang out with friends and play Jenga as well.

The next day we spent prepping for a Filipino party! My best friend decided to throw me a going away party since I’m leaving for the Peace Corps and invited all my friends in the PNW! It was a wonderful time eating my favorite foods and belting out karaoke!

On our last day we headed back to Pike Place to get some hum bao (steamed pork dumplings) and went to check out the Ballard Locks to see all the ships moving in and out of the harbor and the sound. Nearby there’s a farmer’s market on Sundays that has great food and crafts to check out! 

My best friend also persuaded me to try vlogging so check out my YouTube channel! 

Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle

Yesterday we explored the city of Seattle! In the morning we went to Pike Market where they have the fish toss and a bunch of little shops along the way. It wasn’t very crowded which was unusual and I got to take a picture on the lucky pig. We walked around for a few hours and went to the harbor and got lunch at one of those trendy health food restaurants. Later on we did bikram yoga, which is yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity… Jessica and I died a little bit.

This morning Jessica and I drove up to Deception Pass, which is on an island close to the border of Canada. The water was a turquoise blue, surrounded by beautiful greenery and a huge bridge. We hiked to the state park and explored tide pools and trails. Later we got lunch at the Calico Cupboard in Anacortes, which had tasty gluten free options. We walked around the town and stopped in a shop and I fell in love with the most beautiful turquoise ring! The stones were such a clear blue and were from Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, which was shut down and known for being the “Tiffany’s of turquoise.” I got a great deal on it so I’m pretty excited 🙂 We drove back home and later we’re going to bikram yoga again. It’s been such a fun trip and I’m so glad I got to do my yearly trip to see Jessica!

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Whereabouts in Washington

Whereabouts in Washington

We woke up early to check out the Aviation Heritage Collection near the Boeing Factory, where they show working planes and tanks dating back to World War II. The planes were in great condition and it was awesome seeing some of my favorite planes, like the P-51 Mustang. There was a plane called the “Tallahassee Lassie” and Jessica told us that the man who owns it painted his wife in a pin-up costume on the side and sometimes she comes around to check it out and people will ask to take pictures but she refuses. She wasn’t there so I decided to take a picture in the same position as Tallahassee Lassie, which was a good chuckle.

I was trying to play music through my ipod that connects through the radio. Unfortunately there was so much static that we could hardly hear the music half the time. Kyle had never been to a Fred Meyer so we decided to stop by to pick up an auxiliary cord. The Fred Meyer in this area is interesting and is filled with “People of Walmart.”We were waiting to pay and there was this very exuberant woman without any teeth telling a story with very exaggerated arm and leg movements. Jessica whispers to me, “Your team,” and I didn’t know what she was talking about. The game, Your Team, is played whenever someone sees 
an especially obese, hairy, grody, or otherwise freak, he or she yells out “YOUR TEAM!” to his or her buddy, and that person is placed on the respective players imaginary “team”. There’s no point to the game, just a good laugh to keep your eyes peeled to surrounding interesting people.

We drove to a small secluded beach and walked through a lush forest, which reminded me of Oregon. It led up to a bridge that went over many train tracks with active trains passing through. Like most Northwestern beaches, this one was filled with all kinds of driftwood and large trees washed up on shore that were fun to climb on. Since the tide was extremely low we were able to walk a long way out. 

Jessica told us about this guy in a beat up old Ford truck with a camper on the back that looked like it was about to fall off. Apparently he drives by every bikini barista coffee shop in the Seattle area, and we saw him at least 5 times around town. Driving back from the beach we were driving right next to him and I rolled down my window, took pictures, and waved at the guy. He had a really confused look on his face but he was probably trying to remember which bikini barista coffee shop I worked at so he could stop later. Joke’s on you, buddy!

We picked up Chris and drove to Mukilteo, and on the way I saw a guy dressed in a full body Pikachu costume. I turned to Kyle and shouted, “YOUR TEAM!” He was pretty proud to have a Pikachu on his team. 

We arrived in Mukilteo just in time to ride the ferry to the island. It was pretty cool to see all the cars load up and explore the upper deck. Kyle and I pretended to be from Titanic hanging over the edge while Jessica and Chris took pictures. There wasn’t much to do on the island, but we just looked around the shore; the point was to ride the ferry! We went to an improv comedy show in Jet City, which is a little bit in the ghetto. The people weren’t horrible, but the best part was when the actors played this game where they had to act out a serious scene and when the audience started laughing a lot, the actors had to ring a bell and switch roles with whoever was making the audience laugh. There were these really drunk older women in their late 50’s sitting behind us and they would shout a lot during the show and comment during inappropriate parts. The host was getting fed up so during the game, when one of them shouted, he had one of the women come up onto stage. I don’t think he realized how wasted she was because she could barely hobble up the steps. She stood on stage, wobbling back and forth saying nothing and put her hand on one of the actors face randomly. The audience started laughing so hard, so another actor rang the bell to replace her, but instead the drunk woman put her hand on the other actor, barely holding her balance. The host cut the scene short, and the drunk woman almost tripped down the stairs. I could barely contain my laughter it was ridiculous. During intermission there were these people in the aisle a few feet away from us that were dancing their hearts out to whatever rap music was playing. I tapped Kyle excitedly and shouted, “YOUR TEAM!” I didn’t realize how loud I actually was… Overall it was a great day, and I can’t believe we’re halfway through the trip!

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Boeing Factory Tour

Boeing Factory Tour

I haven’t been exercising much this week so we decided we wanted to go on a run while we waited for Brandon. Jessica drove us to Lowell Park, which has a single 2 1/2 mile trail through the lush Washington greenery along a river. Once our feet hit the trail, Kyle and I sped off. I thought for sure Kyle would be way ahead since I’m used to running a little slower at longer distances, but we were at the same pace. I was feeling good except I forgot my inhaler so my asthma was catching up to me a little, but everything was fine.

When we got back to the car we decided to do a little stretching. My legs were feeling pretty tight and I didn’t notice that there was a beat up truck with two redneck-looking guys in it right behind me. I was doing a stretch similar to downward dog when they slowly drove by and one of the guys leans out the window, tips his trucker hat, and says, “Thank you,” and drives off. I was still stretching, totally oblivious to what happened until Jessica told me.

We got back to the house, showered, got ready, and had breakfast until Brandon arrived. I was so excited to go on the Boeing Factory Tour to see how they make the jets and the assembly line itself. When we first drove past the factory on the first night, it was pitch black outside except the beaming lights from inside the biggest building in the world, brand new planes glistening out front. We checked out the main gallery and museum first since we had to wait until the 1:30 PM tour. They showed GE versus Rolls Royce engines, different models of aircraft they make, materials they use, an actual cockpit, and more. Unfortunately we couldn’t take any picture or video at all during the actual assembly line tour, otherwise the electronics would be confiscated. The first part of the building we walked through was where they made the 747’s, which was my favorite. It was amazing to see how they put together the jumbo jet, but it was rather quiet during that time since the factory was between shifts. The planes have a green coating over it before they actually paint it to prevent abrasions, which I didn’t know about. After the plane is completely assembled, it is pressure washed to remove the green coating and is ready to be painted. Before they put the engines on, they hold the plane down using huge weights, otherwise the plane would tip backwards. Once everything is finished, they test out the engines in an aluminum stadium-like area so the exhaust is projected upwards rather than destroying plant life and interfering with cars behind. We also got to check out the part of the building where they make the 777’s and 787’s.

We went back to the house to pick up Chris and went back to the factory to take pictures of the planes from outside the gates. We stopped by Mill Creek for a late lunch, or otherwise nicknamed “Milf Creek” since it’s mini-California and is known for milfs pushing baby strollers around. We also went back to Mukilteo to see it in the daylight, but the water was pretty choppy. Kyle and I went on one of the docks out on the water that was being tossed around and it was like being on a small roller coaster where you have to keep your balance. The kids on the dock next to us almost got bucked off since they got most of the wake. It was a little sea town, similar to Bandon with the small lighthouse and crab traps everywhere, and we walked out to the pier.

For dinner we decided we wanted to make lumpia, which is similar to the Chinese egg roll. On the drive toward the Asian market, we had our windows rolled down and this car full of teenagers drive by and shout something at us. I told Chris to speed up next to them, and I loosened my seatbelt, waist up hanging out the window, started flapping my arms like a mad woman, and once we were right next to them at the same speed, I let out a loud bird-like screech and they all snap their heads to look at me with the most shocked look on their faces. Those boys messed with the wrong Honda Fit!

We got back to the house and we were sitting at the dinner table chatting when I decided to use the bathroom. They have this toilet with a remote that squirts water out of a nozzle for “her front,” “her back,” and “his back” along with a dryer and adjustable water temperature, which is very Filipino. I always see them but I’ve never really tried it before so I decided that I would try it out at least once on this trip. Well, today was the day. I did my business, turned up the water temperature and pressed the “her front” button. I heard the water going but didn’t feel anything so I raised the nozzle, and sure enough I felt a hot stream of water pressure washing my backside. I was taken by surprise and let out a loud scream followed by laughter. When I returned to the living room Kyle said, “So how was it?” and everyone laughed.

Jessica and I taught Kyle how to make lumpia. We mixed together the meat and peeled the wrappers, then put the meat in the wrappers, rolled them, then sealed them with egg yolk. We also did a cheese lumpia version, which I haven’t had since I was a kid. We filled those wrappers with cut up pieces of Tillamook cheddar cheese. Since we had a late lunch, that’s all we had for dinner, and that was fine by me!

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Seattle 7

Sightseeing in Seattle

Sightseeing in Seattle

We woke up exactly 10 AM since we were pretty tired from driving until 3:30 AM to Seattle that morning. We quickly got ready and jumped out the door to drive to Brandon’s house to pick him up since he knows the city inside and out and is a master photographer.

Our first destination was the troll under the bridge. I didn’t really understand what it was until we arrived. There is literally a giant troll carved out under a bridge (not sure if it’s carved out of stone or if it’s made out of concrete), which is pretty interesting to see. The next stop was Gasworks Park, which was filled with giant gears and gadgets spread throughout the park along with old boilers. I didn’t really catch what the history behind the setup was, but it seemed great to hang out on a nice day or to participate in the sport, parkour. We drove to a look out point to get a view of the Seattle skyline, which was awesome, especially on a beautiful, clear day like today. The next stop was the Sky Needle, one of the tallest and most iconic buildings in the city. There was a lot of sculptures and artwork that decorated the area, which were different and interesting to see. Up in the Sky Tower we had a full view of the surrounding city. We could see downtown, and on the other side, Puget Sound. After coming back down, we walked through a park with a giant fountain and made our way towards Pike’s Place. We had been chewing gum for over 2 hours to finally stick on the gum wall. By the time I placed it with the other assortment of chewed up rubber, it was so stale it wouldn’t even stick – party foul. We walked around the market and I sat on a life-size statue of a pig while watching men throwing fish across their stand a few feet away. We walked down a little further to check out the first Starbucks, but the line was so long that we didn’t buy coffee.

We pretty much saw all the major sights of Seattle today, so we dropped off Brandon and headed back home to take a nap since we were pretty exhausted from a full day. Kyle finally met Chris, and Jessica made chicken adobo with rice and corn for dinner. Brandon and Nick came over to grub and we played a board game while waiting for dinner to finish up. The adobo was delicious, and I was so excited to have Filipino food since I couldn’t remember the last time I had it.

After dinner we headed to Mukilteo, which is a small town on the sea that had cute shops. It was late and the sun had already begun to set, but we wanted to check it out. When we got home I got to meet Jessica’s cute little hedgehog, Harvey! What a fun day, and if this was only the first day then I can’t wait to see what we have planned the rest of the week!

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