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Once every ten years, something magical happens in the hottest place in the US: Death Valley springs to life! My friend, Shay (@howiwishiwasafish), and I decided to take advantage of this rare occurrence and drive four hours out to the middle-of-nowhere California.

Shay and I have met a handful of times before through mutual friends, but this was our first time really hanging out together. And we decided that our first time hanging out we would spend four hours driving each way and camping out in my Mustang. For most people, that spells disaster, but everything clicked for us and we got along perfectly. Couldn’t have had a more enjoyable weekend adventure partner!

We cruised down the 395 in the late afternoon on a Saturday and turned off to head East towards Death Valley. I was a little nervous driving all the way out there because 1) my car was having so many problems that if we got stranded we wouldn’t have cell phone service and 2) we were driving a MUSTANG through a dirt highway in pitch black darkness – that was a first for me, and driving on that highway took forever.

There is one gas station that we saw when we pulled up to the town of Death Valley, so make sure you fill up before heading to the national parks! The town was packed with people! It was incredible how many came out just to see the Super Bloom, but I mean, it only happens once every ten years so might as well before another decade passes.

We decided to do some astrophotography so we headed to the Badwater Salt Flats for the night. The weather was so perfect – 70 degrees and clear skies during the day and night – I definitely recommend visiting Death Valley in March! Unfortunately because of all the recent rain, the salt formations were completely destroyed and didn’t look like the usual pictures we had seen in magazines, but the stars were incredible regardless.


After a few hours of photography, we called it a night. Yup, we slept in my Mustang and it was actually very cozy. We slipped into our sleeping bags and reclined the seats and dozed off to sleep. It was 5:30 AM when first light hit and we were totally awake and headed back down to the salt flats to take pictures with the pastel morning light. It was an incredible backdrop, with vast whiteness for miles and in the distance you could see the mountains glowing purple and pink.


We headed towards the Mesquite Sand Dunes, but along the way the bright yellow flowers were blooming everywhere! It was incredible to see so much life in a place with a name of death! We stopped on the side of the road near Artist’s Palette to take pictures, of course, and it was a good thing we went that weekend because you could tell the flowers were starting to wither. It was still amazing to see all the flowers but in some areas it was very sparse.


The Mesquite Sand Dunes were unexpectedly huge! I brought outfits with me just in case, because I imagined it looking like the Sahara Desert with sand as far as the eye could see and I wanted the look to be a “lost dame in distress.” The sand dunes are in a great location so you don’t have to do a long trek; you just pull up to the parking lot and they’re right in front of you! The iconic dunes you see in magazines are a pretty far walk, but if you’re just interested in getting a few great photos you don’t have to worry about venturing too far in the heat.


Other than that, our trip was spent eating nothing but PB&J and egg salad sandwiches because we were cheap, skateboarding in dresses barefoot as cars drove by and people laughed, and completely splitting the crotch of my jeans trying to get this shot:


I’d say it was a successful weekend! Check out my Instragram @Filipokie for more photos!

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