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Niagara Falls

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For 4th of July weekend, Eddie and I took a redeye flight out to Baltimore to meet up with our parents, which was also where the plane was stored. We flew the Mooney to Niagra Falls airport near Buffalo, NY and took a cab into the city. Rather than staying on the American side of the falls, we walked over Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian border and had a fantastic view.
I called up two of my friends, Wes and Emma, that live in the Buffalo area to catch up and hang out. I had to take a bus to the Canadian border, walk over and get brutally questioned, then they picked me up and took me to the town they live. We had a traditional Buffalo style pizza and chicken wings, which was so delicious. Emma lives on a 20 acre property out in the country side with the woods as her backyard and as the sun set, the fireflies lit up the huge trees.
The next day Dad bought a Niagara Falls pass so we toured the caves behind the falls, Hornblower, whirlpool walk, and some others that were included. We pretty much did every touristy thing that had to do with the falls so I was ready to relax after!
I had to go to work on Monday so Dad flew Eddie and me out to Baltimore for our flight. Since we had about 7 hours to kill, Eddie and I drove out to Washington D.C. for the day to do some sightseeing. It was a great weekend and I’m excited for some more adventures soon!