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Advanced Open Water Diver: Maui

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In October I was lucky enough to have enough time to get my Advanced Open Water Diver certification in Lahaina on the island of Maui! I was out there for the week for a Structural Engineering convention with my dad and boyfriend, and since I didn’t have a car to go sightseeing around the island, I decided to get another scuba diving certification.

One day maybe I’ll get my Dive Master license, and in order to get there you start out with your regular Open Water Diver certification, then get your Advanced Open Water Diver Certification, then Rescue Diver, and finally Dive Master. The advanced certification was done over two days and consisted of five dives. I was fortunate enough to have a great instructor and dive shop to help me get everything done a relatively decent price (6 shore dives with all equipment, textbook, and instructor included for $300).

Dive #1: Drift Dive. The area was called “Black Rock” near the Sheraton Hotel in Lahaina, where we jumped in the water and floated down with the current and got to see a huge school of fish. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of diving around Hawaii because most of the reefs are pretty dead, but it was still great getting to dive in warm waters.

Dive #2: Wreck Dive. We headed down the road about ten minutes to Nala Pier in Lahaina, which is technically considered a wreck. On the surface it looks like an old, falling apart pier but under the surface there’s all sorts of obstacles and life growing. We even saw five sand sharks lurking along the bottom.

Dive #3: Fish ID. The last dive of Day 1, we went back up the road a little past Black Rock to Airport Beach, which was a great reef with a considerable amount of life. I had to identify five different types of fish, vertebrae, and marine plants after the dive and I had the help of a book that had all the different types of life native to Hawaii.

Dive #4: Deep Dive. The second day was pretty quick since I only had two dives and they were both at Airport Beach. For this dive I had to dive deeper than 60 feet for at least 10 minutes and observe how much light disappears that far below the ocean. We planned to go down to 80 feet but we got caught in a rip current and had to call it at 65 feet.

Dive #5: Navigation. For the last dive I had to use my compass to navigate around. The task was to kick ten times North, then East, then South, and finally West, essentially making a giant box. A special moment was getting to see a giant Hawksbill Sea Turtle, an endangered species, and a majestic Spotted Eagle Ray.

And now I’m a certified Advanced Open Water Diver! Rescue Diver certification next!



Manta Ray Magic

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In December I flew out to Kona, Hawaii to spend the weekend diving with Manta Rays! This is an absolute MUST for divers to experience in their lifetime. I booked a night dive with Neptune Charlie’s, and they also offer snorkeling for those who aren’t certified open water divers.

We arrived at the docks at 4:30 PM, just as the sun was starting to wane over the horizon. After a quick briefing, everyone piled onto the boat and we headed towards the Sheraton Hotel, where most Mantas congregate on the island. It was beautiful watching the sunset from the bow with my adventure twin, Hannah.

This was my first night dive, so we were given flashlights and suited up for the dive. We were the first ones in the water (and first out, unfortunately) and made our way to the “campfire.” The campfire is a spot on the ocean floor where the dive masters place bright lights and we gather in a circle around it. The bright lights attract the plankton, which in turn attracts the Mantas to eat them.

It felt like we were waiting awhile, and all of a sudden a giant Manta Ray swoops in right above our head! They were only fingertips away, close enough to touch them. They move in such a way over the campfire that they dance and backflip several times, until retreating back into the black abyss. We had 4 Mantas come and go throughout the night, and it was such a sight to see.

On the other hand, my dad and step-mother did the snorkeling and watched from above. Dad said it was okay, but would have rather gone diving because the lights were so bright you could only see the shadows of the Mantas, and they didn’t come up too high to the surface. If you’re not a fan of diving or snorkeling at all, you can still see the Mantas from the Sheraton restaurant! If you stay until after the dive boats leave, there are even more Mantas that congregate to feed on the plankton since all the lights and people are gone.

The rest of the weekend included astrophotography from lava tubes Hannah and I found, free diving in the warm ocean waters looking for sea life, and 2 AM underwater pool photography. I encourage you to check out Hannah’s ocean conservation and photography page, Beneath the Blue! Below are some of her photos from the weekend.



PSX_20151206_123837 PSX_20151206_213637

Surfin’ Safari

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I woke up early the next morning to hit the waves at White Plains Beach. The surf was perfect – the waves rolled in one after the other and the water as warm and clear. I surfed the whole morning, then after I drove to Helena’s Hawaiian Restaurant for some authentic Hawaiian food. I would have driven to Ono’s Hawaiian food (recommended by Dad) but I didn’t want to deal with Honolulu traffic, and Helena’s had higher reviews on Yelp. This hole in the wall place was kind of in the ghetto, but totally worth it. I had kalua pork and lomi lomi salmon and some coconut.

I picked up Hannah from school and we went down to Turtle Beach, where there were about 20 turtles laying on the beach. You could see them right off the shore in the water, poking their heads out for air. We watched the sunset and I got a great time lapse. Great trip to Hawaii!

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Mt. Olomana

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Three Peaks Trail to reach Mt. Olomana was probably one of the most difficult hikes I’ve ever done. 5 miles of climbing a mountain and scaling the side of cliff with a single rope, only to slide through mud back where you started. The 360 degree view of the whole island was awesome, but I don’t think I’ll do that one alone again.

We went to the Dole Pineapple Plantation just for the Pineapple ice cream. That was it. Then we went stand up paddleboarding down a river that turned into a jungle. Hannah had a headache so she went home while me and Craig went on a 6 mile hike to Ka’ena Point, where you can see both east and west sides of the island. I was wearing sandals and it started pouring rain the whole time and I walked the rest of the way back barefoot through mud.

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Aloha Hawaii

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I arrived in Hawaii at noon and immediately we hit the beach and I transformed into a mermaid. It was a fun afternoon of swimming in the ocean and cliff jumping.

We woke up at 4 AM to take a small boat out off North Shore with One Ocean Diving, a pelagic shark research company. We stopped at a small buoy and they revved the engines of the boat to attract the sharks to the surface. When we dove in there was about 40 circling – mostly sandbar sharks but a few Galapagos. Everything was calm and sharks had accepted us as part of the pack. They were very friendly and curious, almost like dogs. They really liked the GoPros too; they send out electromagnetic pulses, similar to a fish, so they go nuts over them and bump their noses into the camera.

Later, we went scuba diving through some pretty cool caves. Sea life was dead but we found caverns to explore.