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No, it does not mean “toilets” in this case, which is the most common reaction I get when I told someone I went to Baños (It means “baths”). Yes, I managed to visit the “Adventure Capital of South America” in one weekend. Yes, that was one of the most exhausting weekends of my life on top of my new 3 hour work commute.

We arrived in Quito and decided to hop on the bus to the Quitumbe bus terminal. If you’re pressed for time, like we were, I highly recommend just taking a taxi for $20. If not, then great! Take the bus two hours for a dollar. Prepare to use your Español mucho! And because everything is so cheap, don’t take any bills larger than $20. If you can, exchange them for even smaller bills because most of the time they don’t have change. They look at a $20 bill like a $100 bill, sigh and hesitantly give change or shake their head no.

At the bus terminal we headed into the building and straight upstairs for departures around the country of Ecuador. There’s huge signs on top of all the booths listing the cities – be sure to take the Baños Express bus straight there, otherwise you make every. single. stop. possible. along the way, but it cost about $5.50 per person and a little over 3 hours to get there.

It was a quick walk over to Hostal d’Mathias, which actually felt more like a hotel than a hostel. For a private room, private bathroom, and a rooftop terrace overlooking the town, you couldn’t beat it for $9 per night! I couldn’t believe it. It was extremely clean and the receptionist was super helpful, even though I was probably annoying him with questions and my struggle to recall words in Spanish here and there.

We had dinner and headed to the famous baths, Los Baños de la Virgen. It was on the edge of town next to a waterfall and there were a few different pools to choose from (it didn’t smell like sulfur, FYI) but they make you wear a swimming cap so be prepared to look ridiculous. Besides a select few backpackers, it’s mostly locals that use the pools so it was nice to be immersed into the culture.

Early the next morning at sunrise we had a taxi driver take us to the famous Casa del Arbol. From pictures, the tree house looks like an open area where you can drive up and peer over the cliff and swing but it’s become a full-blown tourist attraction so that’s not the case. There’s a gate that usually opens at 6 AM but for some reason it wasn’t open that morning, and the taxi driver didn’t know why either. I didn’t come all the way to Baños NOT to see this famous swing, so we hopped the barbed wire instead (sorry for trespassing but we left everything the way it was, I promise!). The taxi driver told us usually a guard camps out and just to say that “we didn’t know” but there was no one in sight. We had a blast on the swing! The driver charged us $20 but I gave him an extra $10 tip for being so patient and helpful.

We got back to the town where we had breakfast in a large community hall-like place where there are tons of vendors selling breakfast, fresh juices, coffee, you name it! It seems like it was a government-run place because all the local families would eat there. We had a HUGE breakfast of eggs, beans, plantains, vegetables, and rice all for $3.50. Seriously, you can’t beat these prices.

At 8:30 AM we got back in time for a tour of the Amazon Rainforest in Puyo. We got to canoe down the Amazon River, see an indigenous village, play with mini monkeys (absolute favorite, hands down), and trek through the Amazon Rainforest to find waterfalls.

We got back in the evening just in time to shop around for local goods (I found an alpaca sweater!), grab dinner, and get drinks at a local bar. Baños was absolutely amazing, and I really wish I could have spent more time there.

We took a bus back to Quito EARLY the next morning – we’re talking 4:30 AM since it’s a long bus ride and Ecuador is on a slower pace of time so you never know what could go wrong. Well, nothing did. We got back to the Quitumbe bus terminal and got a taxi to El Mitad del Mundo. That’s right, the Equator! I was in two hemispheres at once! There was a large monument (it was funny to watch people take photos) and museum and a small village surrounding it where you could buy local crafts and food.




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