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Spontaneous Trip to Portland

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I was not able to update my blog during my trip so I apologize for not having these posts corresponding with the correct dates. Dad, if you see this: TOO LATE. These past two days after getting back from New Zealand were rather boring; all I did was sit around at home cleaning and working …

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Sightseeing in Seattle

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We woke up exactly 10 AM since we were pretty tired from driving until 3:30 AM to Seattle that morning. We quickly got ready and jumped out the door to drive to Brandon’s house to pick him up since he knows the city inside and out and is a master photographer. Our first destination was …

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New Zealand to LAX and a Stopover in Hawaii

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Today is the day I finally head home. I guess I have mixed feelings; a part of me still wants to explore the depths of New Zealand and another is excited to finally head home and relax after being on-the-go all day for the past nine days. The shuttle picked me up at Dori’s house …

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Windy Wellington

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After traveling across the country, I finally get to explore Dori’s town of Wellington today! Getting out of bed is quite a struggle since it’s literally freezing cold in the morning and there isn’t a heating system in the house. The great thing about staying with Dori is that I didn’t have to bring shampoo …

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