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Well hello there! Unfortunately I didn’t have much time while in Europe to blog but the following posts are about my trip. We arrived in London in the afternoon, but since we only had one day we hit up the main sights: the telephone booths, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Eye. We did …

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Sleepless in Seattle

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Yesterday we explored the city of Seattle! In the morning we went to Pike Market where they have the fish toss and a bunch of little shops along the way. It wasn’t very crowded which was unusual and I got to take a picture on the lucky pig. We walked around for a few hours …

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On Monday I flew up to Portland to see my best friend, Jessica! Jessica, Chris, and Patrick picked me up in the red Honda Fit and we dropped off my things at Patrick’s house and made fresh lumpia (eggrolls). I’ve never had lumpia with cream cheese and shrimp but it was tasty. Jessica and I …

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Keep Portland Weird

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Today we woke up early to make the 3 1/2 hour drive back to Portland. We arrived at Chris’ parents’ house, where they greeted us warmly and gave us strawberry shortcake Mrs. Barney made using fresh, sweet Oregon strawberries. Ruby joined us too! There wasn’t too much time to spare so we went to the …

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Whereabouts in Washington

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We woke up early to check out the Aviation Heritage Collection near the Boeing Factory, where they show working planes and tanks dating back to World War II. The planes were in great condition and it was awesome seeing some of my favorite planes, like the P-51 Mustang. There was a plane called the “Tallahassee …

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