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Little Corn Island

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I’m sure not many of you think about going to Nicaragua as the ideal tropical vacation, but let me convince you otherwise. It’s doable for a 3-day weekend from the USA, untouched reefs perfect for diving and teeming with sea life, white sandy beaches all to yourself, and dirt cheap. Caleb and I left Los …

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Diving Anacapa Island

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Anacapa Island, California is one of the best places to dive in the world and is renowned for its beautiful kelp forests. This trip I was diving with Hannah Gabrielson and Craig Gabrielson from Beneath the Blue (check out their website for great underwater photography!) with Raptor Dive Charter. It took about 45 minutes to …

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A Weekend in Vancouver

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For those of us on the West Coast looking for a weekend adventure in another country, how about Vancouver? The following post is my experience spending a weekend in British Columbia. I arrived in Vancouver from LAX at about 9:30 PM Friday night, rented a car, and made my way to Cambie Gastown Hostel. The …

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Death Valley Super Bloom

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Once every ten years, something magical happens in the hottest place in the US: Death Valley springs to life! My friend, Shay (@howiwishiwasafish), and I decided to take advantage of this rare occurrence and drive four hours out to the middle-of-nowhere California. Shay and I have met a handful of times before through mutual friends, …

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Weekend in Portland

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Looking for a weekend trip to explore a new city? Portland is the perfect place for foodies, entertainment, and awesome hiking spots! I arrived Friday night into PDX pretty late in the evening, so I just picked up some fast food as I headed over to my friends house where everyone was waiting. It was …

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Iceland, also known as “The Land of Fire and Ice,” is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever been to. It has such a natural, unique beauty like hot springs, waterfalls, volcanoes, who wouldn’t love it! Reykjavik is a great city if you like more nightlife, but once you venture out around the island, …

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Manta Ray Magic

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In December I flew out to Kona, Hawaii to spend the weekend diving with Manta Rays! This is an absolute MUST for divers to experience in their lifetime. I booked a night dive with Neptune Charlie’s, and they also offer snorkeling for those who aren’t certified open water divers. We arrived at the docks at …

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