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Cabo San Lucas

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One of the best things about living in California is getting to go on weekend trips to Mexico! Cabo San Lucas is about a two hour flight from LAX, making it a perfect 3-day getaway for warm ocean water, beaches, amazing nightlife, and awesome diving. Below is a day-by-day itinerary to help you plan your …

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A Weekend in SEATTLE

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Since I’m only about a month away before departing for the Peace Corps, Caleb and I decided to fly up to Seattle to visit one of my best friends since childhood! A lot of the following will be great activities to fill your weekend trip but there are also personal touches here and there since we …

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SpringLocker: From SoCal to Worldly Explorer

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Hey Everyone!  I’m starting to incorporate more collaboration articles into my blog so I have them all in one place to reference later. Awhile ago I was interviewed by an outdoorsy company called SpringLocker, which is a website that crowdsources the best outdoor gear and experiences. So for example, you can add a review for …

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My Peace Corps Application Timeline

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From what I’ve observed through other bloggers in the Peace Corps and on the Reddit thread page, it seems like Peace Corps application timelines are really popular. Everyone who goes through this long process (sometimes taking up to a year!) is curious about when they’ll hear back, or when they should expect to reach the …

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How to Take Stunning Photos in Antelope Canyon

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Hi everyone! I’m so excited that an article I wrote, “How to Take Stunning Photos in Antelope Canyon,” was featured on the travel website, We Are Travel Girls! Be sure to check it out for some great tips on camera settings to use and the best time of day and season to visit Antelope Canyon! …

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