Daffodil Hill

Daffodil Hill

Having only moved to Sacramento 7 months ago, I love exploring all the major sites in the area and around Northern California! Now that it’s spring, beautiful flowers are beginning to pop up everywhere. One place that I came across is called Daffodil Hill, a farm deep in “Gold Country” in the town of Volcano that opens its doors to the public for one month out of the year for this special event. You can guess what they’re open for… Daffodils!

Daffodil Hill explodes with thousands of yellow and white flowers blooming, attracting visitors from all over! They open their doors sometime in March every year, when 25% of their daffodils are in bloom so it really depends on Mother Nature. They close when there are only 25% left, so the best time to go is about 10-14 days after they open their doors for the season to see all the flowers in bloom! The rest of the year it goes back to a working ranch. 

It’s a fun place to check out, and you can see all the animals and have a picnic with your family and friends. Because it’s only open for a short period of time, it gets packed and crazy busy! It’s best to visit on a weekday, but if you can only visit on the weekend make sure you come right when they open at 10 AM. They’re also only open weather permitting, so it’s best to call ahead of time to make sure they will be open, especially since it’s about an hour east of Sacramento! 

Check their Facebook Page for updates! And who doesn’t love free parking and free admission? 🙂

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    1. You should definitely visit! I hadn’t even heard of it either until recently, and I’ve lived in California all my life!

  1. What a unique find! I’ll have ask my buddies who live in Sacramento if they’ve ever been. It definitely looks like it would be worth the crowds.

  2. This place looks amazing, so bright and colourful… you too look so happy… the quintessential spring feeling is definitely caught in your pics! 🙂

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