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Jet Set Candy

Jet Set Candy

Having traveled all over the world, I love keepsakes that remind me of the places I’ve been. Recently I flew to The Bahamas and brought jewelry by Jet Set Candy that was perfect during my travels, whether I was dressed up for a nice dinner at the resort or hanging out at the beach in my jean shorts and tank top. 

Not only am I an avid traveler, but also being a future pilot, I absolutely loved their stackable rings while flying across the US. Their Flying Colors Stackable Rings come in all sorts of fun colors and wanderlust inspired sayings – I want to collect them all! My favorites include “Chase Adventure,” “Explore Dream Discover,” and the “Mile High Club.” Wearing them inspires and reminds me everyday my love for seeing the world.

Of course, one of the most well-known symbols of being a jet setter is the airplane, and they have the perfect ring to showcase it: the Homeward-Bound Adventure-Bound Ring! Like the traditional Claddagh ring, which shows where the bearer’s heart lay, this ring tells the story of you. Dreaming of adventure? Wear the nose of the tiny plane outward towards your fingertips so the words “Adventure Bound” etched on the side is revealed. Point it towards you and the words “Homeward Bound” appears on the other side of the ring. It’s a cute way to get excited about all the adventures you’re embarking on and it’s perfect to stack with the Flying Colors rings!

While I was in the Bahamas, I loved wearing my Nassau Bahamas Luggage Tag Charm necklace! Each luggage tag charm has the latitude and longitude coordinates of the city, the IATA (International Air Transport Association) code, the actual airport name, and a cute symbol that represents the city. They have over 400 different charms unique to each city, and they’re always creating more so you can personalize each of your trips.

Jet Set Candy has hundreds of charms you can add to your necklace or bracelet for everything you can think of while traveling to commemorate your special adventure! From monuments like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to symbols of the city like an Italian scooter, to overall wanderlust inspiration charms, they have it all. I paired my Nassau Luggage Tag necklace with the Mini Airplane Charm because of how much I love aviation and it also represents my love for exploring.

Mother’s Day is around the corner! What better way to show your mom some well deserved love than by gifting her beautiful travel-inspired jewelry that she will always cherish? All of the jewelry is made of precious materials such as sterling silver, 14K gold vermeil, and 14K solid gold that will last a lifetime. Jet Set Candy offers such a wide variety of jewelry and charms there is something to fit everyone’s style.

Even better, during this month of May you can use my code ‘ANNA10‘ for a discount on all of Jet Set Candy’s jewelry! Shop for fun wanderlust jewelry for yourself or for Mother’s Day!



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