It’s extremely rare for me to actually want to go back to a place that I’ve only recently visited, but Bali was absolutely incredible and I couldn’t get enough! Here are a few highlights from my recent trip to Indonesia!


Uluwatu was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip! Relaxing on Bingin Beach with pitaya smoothies at the bar while watching the surfers at sunset was such a treat. I love going to places with a really relaxed beach culture along with great surfing, so Bingin was a bangin’ good time. There are also tons of unique lookout spots (Sal’s Secret Spot or Surf & Stay) where you can hang out in a hammock overlooking the ocean or your in own private open-air gazebo. 

One of my favorite sites was seeing the Uluwatu Temple from afar on the edge of a cliff with powerful waves of the ocean crashing below. Be careful not to become too mesmerized because the monkeys will pickpocket and snatch your belongings if you’re not looking! If you’re in the area on a Sunday, be sure to check out Finn’s Beach Club for their “Sunday Session!” It’s an insane outdoor party on a cliff overlooking the ocean with an amazing sunset, and it’s also a hot spot for Aussies. 

Photo By: Kat Gaskin

Foodie Scene

Now I’m not really into diets, but because of the Hindu culture in Bali, most places to eat are fully vegan and I was surprised to find how amazing and filling all the food is! Most of the time I hear about people “going vegan” as a fad and they don’t get all their proper nutrients. Because of the culture, being vegan is such a regular part of life and is actually sustainable. I actually felt a lot more energy waking up in the mornings and overall healthier. My favorite place to eat when I need a foodie call? Cafe Organic!

Photo By: Kat Gaskin

Nico Nico Mare Mansion

Working with so many brands on this trip to deliver the best content, we were fortunate enough to get to do a photo shoot at the Nico Nico Mare Mansion, designed by the artist himself! Each room was totally unique and had its own theme; a few of my favorites included the Japanese pop art room, the nautical room, which had a giant net as a bed that hung over the living room, and the “black room” – chains included (JUST KIDDING, DAD!). The mansion was so beautifully decorated, it was amazing to see how every single detail fit together so well. 

Mt. Batur Volcano

We had to wake up at 12:30 AM to drive to the base of this volcano and started hiking at 3:45 AM. I probably only got 2 hours of sleep and thought, “Why do I do this to myself?” as I was scrambling up rocks that would just disintegrate into volcanic ash. As I reached the peak, seeing the rays of sun glinting through the mist and bursting into vivid colors of magenta and orange, were so worth it. The guides cooked us a breakfast of bananas, eggs, and toast INSIDE the volcano. How cool is that?!

Photo By: Kat Gaskin


Ubud is another city in Bali that I would have loved to spend more time in, surrounded by lush jungles and temples. There’s tons of cheap shopping and spas, like flower milk baths or gold facials, or it’s common to check out a spiritual healer. Of course, getting to see the rice terraces and the monkey forest is an absolute must, but we were fortunate enough to shoot some content for Kalamandu Hotel. Having a floating breakfast in an infinity pool overlooking rice terraces was something out of my wildest dreams. I couldn’t believe it was real life.  

Photo By: Kat Gaskin

Bali was absolutely incredible and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this entire experience. Like I said before, it’s one of the few places that I am actually looking forward to returning to and I cannot wait to experience the magic of Indonesia again someday. 

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