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Harbour Island

Harbour Island

We started out the day by making a couple of dives. As we were picking up equipment, they were surprised that we wanted short wetsuits rather than long wetsuits, hoods, and booties. We’re used to diving in California at water temperatures of 59 degrees, so 80 degrees here in the Bahamas is pretty warm. The boat took us out to the first dive site, a ship wreck. We glided over a coral reef mound and descended into the ship wreck area, and I was pretty excited since this was my first wreck dive. Parts of the ship were still in tact, so we explored and went through different caverns and tunnels. There wasn’t much sea life, but we were promised much more on the second dive.

lamictal price australia The next place the boat took us was to a dive site called “pumpkin patch,” because the coral mounds are situated and shaped in a way that looks like giant pumpkins all together in one area. There were mostly tropical fish, but we did get to see nurse sharks and puffer fish. One of the guys diving with us took a piece of coral that looked like a stick and poked it to agitate it, and it blew up like a balloon!

After the dive we rested for the afternoon and made sandwiches with unsliced bread, which was different. Dad rented a golf cart to explore the island quickly so we cruised around seeing all the local sites and different resorts on the island. We had a traditional Bahamian dinner at a hole-in-the-wall shack and got drinks at a bar nearby and watched the sunset. Later that night we heard drums and tribal-like music in the distance from our room and walked toward the sound to see what it was. In the neighborhood nearby, some Bahamian kids were singing and dancing in cultural regalia of bright purple and yellow colors. They played an assortment of drums and trumpets and it was something you wouldn’t find on the bigger islands, like Nassau. It’s been such a treat getting to island hop around and I can’t believe tomorrow is our last day here in paradise.

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