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Grand Canyon Getaway

Grand Canyon Getaway

This past weekend Dad and I flew the Mooney to Page, Arizona! We weaved in and out of the Grand Canyon, so close to the walls I felt like I could almost touch them. Not to mention we pulled some aerobatics, which made me throw up… Good thing Dad had sick bags in the plane. It was a little much, but probably one of the best flights ever.

zocor cost at walmart We continued our aerial tour over Lake Powell, and we happened to buzz in on some million dollar speedboats that were having a competition. We were flying at about 200 mph and we were barely passing these boats. It was messed up how fast they were going. It was such a perfect day flying over the sparkling waters only 100 feet above the lake. After I threw up, we landed at the airport in Page, Arizona.

Our first stop was Horseshoe Bend! It was blazing hot and we hiked a mile and a half down to the canyon, which isn’t that bad, but in Arizona heat it was terrible. The hike comes to an abrupt stop where it’s just a cliff over looking the Colorado River 1000 feet below. No guard rails, nothing holding you back from getting that perfect selfie as close as you want to the edge.

We made our way to Upper Antelope Valley, where we have a Navajo woman as our guide. It was so packed, it was a joke trying to walk through this tight corridor. It was amazing I even was able to get a picture without any people in the way. I don’t even know how all these professional photographers get all these amazing pictures without tourists in the way, unless they’re that talented with photoshop. Anyways, it took over an hour to walk through what should have taken 15 minutes. But I did enjoy the view.

I heard that both the Upper and Lower canyons are very different, so I wish I could have seen the Lower Antelope Canyon as well. The Upper canyon is narrow at the top but has a wider area to walk through, whereas the Lower Canyon you have to walk down stairs and it’s narrow to walk through but very open on top. A day like that, I would not want to be walking through the Lower canyon if there was really less walking space.

Antelope Canyon 2

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