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Diving into the Deep

Diving into the Deep

Today was a spectacular day of diving! Early in the morning we rented a car and drove about an hour south to Dean’s Blue Hole, the biggest in the world at a depth of 663 feet. There were hardly any people driving down the one paved road on the island, so even though the speed limit was 20 mph, we were going 65. Dad thought the drive would be 4 to 5 hours but we ended up making it there in one. We turned off onto a bumpy dirt road and it opened up to a beautiful beach with the blue hole right there, just a feet away.

I snorkeled out to a white platform floating in the middle of the blue hole where professional free divers practice. I dove down 30 feet to the edge where the hole drops off, and looked down into a black abyss. It seemed like a giant Lockness monster could pop up and eat me. Dean’s Blue Hole is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Nothing could beat the warm, crystal blue water with a spectacular wonder of the world. I talked to a few of the professionals, one from Sweden, two from Venezuela, and one from Japan. They could dive down to 130 feet with one breath of air, holding it for up to six minutes.

We headed back north and stopped at a hole in the wall shack called Max’s Conch Bar. All the locals come to this spot for fresh seafood and other delicious Bahamian treats. We shared a conch salad and breadfruit chips, and for an entree, I had Hogfish parmesan with fried plantains and crab & rice. It was the best Bahamian meal I’ve ever had, and I absolutely love this culture’s food. After lunch we continued back to the resort to go scuba diving.

The dive master led us out to his boat behind the villas, walking through the light blue shallow water and we hopped up with our dive equipment. We took the boat out to sea for about 20 minutes, until the ocean water went from bright turquoise to a deep blue. I haven’t done a real boat dive yet and it was nerve racking to not be able to see the bottom of the ocean floor, especially since sharks lurk in this territory. The dive master said he would take a spear gun just to ease our fears.

Once we got all our equipment set up and ready to go, we stepped off the back of the boat and descended 45 feet. We were surrounded by brilliant coral reefs filled with colorful tropical fish everywhere. One reef shark, about 6 feet long, made an appearance and slowly passed by. I was excited to finally see a shark but it’s also a mysterious thought whether or not they will really attack. We continued to explore and even found a tunnel to swim through. As soon as we swam through the other side, the shark appeared with a friend. And then another. It snuck up right behind Dad and I urgently pointed right behind him and he ducked as they swam right over. It seemed as though they were checking us out but they circled around again and the dive master commanded us to get on our knees. The sharks darted toward us and the dive master speared one of them, which scared the others and they sped off into the blue.

Once we surfaced, the water was very choppy and the sun was setting over the horizon. Long Island was a place to remember, a once in a lifetime experience, and I will cherish my time there.

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