Tips for Hiking Joffre Lakes

Tips for Hiking Joffre Lakes

One of the most sought out natural attractions in Canada is to see the vivid turquoise lakes. Some of the most popular include Lake Louise and Jasper National Park in Alberta, but they can be hard to reach in a limited amount of time. Fortunately, if you’re on the west coast you can make an easy hour and a half drive from Whistler up to Joffre Lakes near Pemberton, British Columbia! 

  1. Unless you’re visiting in the heart of summer, pack winter hiking gear. Since you get pretty high up in the mountains, there’s a lot of snow on the trail even through May! Bring crampons or snowshoes since the trail gets pretty steep and slippery. It’s also wise to take a Winter Mountaineering class so you can be prepared.  
    Middle Joffre Lake


  2. Pick up a trail map. If you’re hiking during the summer, the trail is pretty well-marked but if making the trek during the winter, it’s easy to get lost on the trail. Take a picture of the map at the trail head prior to hiking or you can find some good information on Whistler Hiatus.   
    Upper Joffre Lake


  3. Each lake is more beautiful than the last. There are three lakes along the trail, and each lake becomes more vibrant and the scenery is even more beautiful than the previous ones. Reaching the final lake and seeing the magnificent glacier makes the long trek worthwhile. As an experienced hiker, I was able to reach Upper Joffre Lake in an hour and a half but allow at least 2 hours to reach the top!  
    Waterfall alongside trail between Middle and Upper Joffre Lake


  4. For the most vivid shades of turquoise, hike in the summer. As beautiful as it was in the winter, Lower Joffre Lake and Upper Joffre Lake were frozen over but you could see the bright turquoise waters through the cracks in the ice. Middle Joffre Lake was a stunning emerald color but I was wishing it were warm enough to jump in!


Props to my roommate from college putting up with being dragged all over BC 🙂

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  1. Such an impressive and beautiful landscape. I love the mountains and nature and Joffre Lakes looks amazing! I know Canada has many many beautiful landscapes and I am always fascinated to to see some new places like this one, since I haven’t been to Canada at all. The waterfall is great, looks a bit like stariways 🙂

  2. The lakes look absolutely beautiful and I love the contrast of the green and turquoise against the snow! I’ve never been to Canada but would love to explore the scenery it looks incredible

  3. I’d love to visit the west coast and see some of the beautiful lakes. I’m actually visiting Toronto in the summer and was looking at flights but it’s soo expensive to even fly from Toronto to the west. 🙁 – Hopefully one day in the future though. Joffre Lakes look beautiful btw and it looks close to Vancouver which is handy.

  4. Wow, I’m a big hiking fan and I must say that your pics made me wanna go to Canada…NOW! Thanks for sharing hikes I didn’t know. They are on my bucket list now!

  5. It’s nice to read about another lake other than Lake Louise. You have photographed the Joffre Lakes and waterfalls beautifully. It’s good to know there’s another option on the west coast.

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