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Briland Blu

Being an avid traveler and ocean lover, it’s so important for me to pack multi-purpose essentials for all my adventures. On my recent trip to the Bahamas I brought Turkish towels by Briland Blu that were so perfect during all my activities, whether I was lounging on the beach, diving, or heading out for the day to go fishing. 

During my visit to Staniel Cay, we had a full day planned to see the iguanas running around the beach on Iguana Cay, the famous swimming pigs at Pig Beach, snorkeling at Thunderball Grotto, and swimming with the sharks at Compass Cay. I grabbed my Solaqua Drip towel because of how light it was and how easy it was to fit in a small day bag. Being in the water all day, it was amazing to be able to use my towel after each activity and it was already dry, even in the humidity!

Other Turkish towels that I have come across in the past have always been stiff, but Briland Blu’s towels were so soft and absorbent. Cristina Covert, the designer and owner of Briland Blu, learned that the key to softness and absorbency is in the weave of the fabric. Using her fashion design degree she was able to create the perfect towel that becomes softer after each wash and dries incredibly quick. These towels were even inspired by Cristina’s love for the islands of the Bahamas! The Solaqua Drip towel was influenced by the views of the ocean from the Solaqua House in the Eleuthera Islands.

I loved taking my oversized Sands Hybrid towel to the beach, which was perfect to lounge with. On one side it has the incredibly absorbent peshtamal material and luxuriously soft terry cloth on the other side. It’s perfect that these towels are not only functional, but the designs are incredibly beautiful. The Sands Hybrid design was inspired by the stunning pink sand beaches of Harbour Island, but when I was on Staniel Cay I found the perfect little cottages to match each of the towels!

I’m so excited that I have such a versatile towel to take with me on all my adventures now! They’re perfect enough to pack in my carry-on, use multiple times in a day since they dry so fast, and they get softer with each wash. Be sure to check out Briland Blu and use my code ‘ filipokie‘ for a discount on your purchase!

About Briland Blu

Briland blu is the manifestation of Cristina Covert and her intense love of the sea. Growing up in the Florida Keys and spending a lot of time in the islands of the Bahamas, Cristina was inspired by the vibrant beauty of Caribbean beaches and waters. After graduating with a degree in Fashion Design from International Fine Arts College, Cristina began designing Turkish towels for herself. She could not believe she had spent so many years lugging around bulky terry towels that never seemed to really dry. Wanting to share her passion for the ocean and vision of the beach aesthetic, the decision to start a company took shape.

Briland blu is a lifestyle brand that is at once luxurious and comfortable, chic yet unpretentious. The name refers to one of Cristina’s favorite places, Briland, which is what the locals call Harbour Island in the Bahamas. The island is known for its breathtaking beauty and unassuming nature, with gem colored waters and pink sand beaches. Harbour Island welcomes its visitors with a sign reading “Home of the Friendly People”, while displaying a breezy Continental style. All of these aspects represent the brand and boutique Cristina envisioned.

Every towel design is handcrafted by Cristina in her Miami home studio, staying true to the islands she spent so much time in. The colors and names of the towels all come from places or things native to the island, even the name of the company. Eleuthera, the chain of islands in which Harbour Island is part of, stands for freedom, which is how Cristina wants you to feel with each handcrafted towel; Freedom to easily pack, use and reuse, and to wash and dry in minutes. The Briland blu brand features products made with quality fabrics and designed with Cristina’s sense of tropical sophistication. 

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