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Rio 2016 Olympics

Rio 2016 Olympics

For many, the Olympics is on people’s bucket lists but I’ve found that there is little information on how to get tickets or how the whole process works. You really have to plan ahead a little over a year in advanced to be able to snag tickets. The 2016 summer Olympics took place in August, and I bought tickets back in June 2015. Unfortunately, you can’t just buy a ticket to go to the games, you need to select separate events and you’re put in a lottery to win the ticket. For the lottery, I originally selected all of men’s hockey, handball, synchronized swimming, table tennis, and football; I only got half of hockey, synchronized swimming, table tennis, and football. You get the idea – it’s a pain.

But where do you buy these tickets? is the official ticket seller for the Olympics! After the first round of the lottery, make sure you buy your tickets quick to lock it in! After that you can try again during the second round for the ones you didn’t get. And then… you have to wait a full year before the actual games. We didn’t buy plane tickets until June 2016 since there was so much unrest in Brazil along with Zika virus that prices just kept dropping.

When I first arrived in Rio, I was so excited for the rich culture, vibrant life, and awesome beaches. And I did exactly that and headed to Ipanema Beach! Not many people know English well, so if you don’t know Portuguese it definitely helps to know some Spanish to get around. The first full day around Rio was sightseeing – Christo Redentor, Sugarloaf Mountain, and Escadaria Selaron. Every place is super crowded but I definitely recommend seeing Sugarloaf Mountain first thing in the morning when it opens! It was beautiful seeing the fog rolling through the islands of the harbor and the lines were short.

The three days after that were spent at the Olympics! And boy, was it a mess trying to get around. They don’t really tell you that it takes about 2 hours to get to each stadium since everything is so spread apart. Luckily their transportation system wasn’t too bad; You could get a pass to take you directly to each stadium whether it was by bus or train. The subway and bus systems were relatively fast, but the actual train took much longer. We were mostly at the hockey stadium during these few days since my family is really big on the sport (my cousins play on the US national team).

I was surprised that I felt as safe as I did the entire time in Rio. Huge amounts of military patrolled the streets with machine guns, and as long as you were alert of your surroundings everything was totally fine. I didn’t get to go out at night since I didn’t really have anyone to hang out with and it’s rather unsafe to do so. So one day I would like to go back and experience more night life, but overall it was a great first Olympics and first trip to South America!

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